Progressive Overload

In fitness, there is a concept called progressive overload. Basically, it means increasing the weight you lift on each day you train. This will make you feel uncomfortable by making your body lift more than it is used to. However, it will make you stronger each training day.

This concept of progression overload isn’t limited to fitness. It can also be applied to our lives, especially when we want to achieve a goal, change a habit, or improve ourselves. The process will be uncomfortable, but should be something you enjoy.

When your goal is to travel, you might need to adjust your current budget to save money for the trip. Another way is to add another source of income by getting a second job on the side.

When you want to add exercising to your daily routine, you might need to wake up earlier than usual. Once exercising is in your routine, you might want to add another item to your routine.

When changing habits, you need to observe your own behavior and catch yourself doing the behavior you want to change. After changing that habit, you move on to the next.

When improving a skill, like learning to play guitar, you begin with the basics. It will be frustrating at first, but it will become better over time.

In any of the above situations, you need to start somewhere, then progress. Just make sure that you challenge yourself each time you already feel comfortable. Embrace being uncomfortable. You’re uncomfortable because you’re doing something out of the ordinary. Enjoy the process while you’re there.

Even if you give up in the middle of the process, you still have learned and changed something about yourself. You’re a completely different person than what you were a while back.