Moving Away from Analysis Paralysis

The Problem

I am currently starting with two projects now and my brain is on a non-stop run coming up with ideas and things I need to do. I know that this is coming from the excitement of starting something new, but the things that are running on my mind are putting me into an analysis paralysis. I wouldn’t say that I’m on a slow start, but I know I could progress faster if I could focus my energy on the smaller things, breaking down what I need to do and tick them off one by one.

The first project that I’m doing is getting back the strength that I had last year with my calisthenics exercises. I used to do handstands, one arm push ups, uneven pull ups, pistol squats, and even front and back levers. All of those were lost when I tried out power lifting and Olympic weightlifting earlier this year. I realized that, even though I’m a fan of strength training, calisthenics is still the type of strength training I enjoy most.

The next project that I’m doing is creating another website focused on calisthenics. I just love its simplicity and the challenges it gives me each time I train, which is why I want to dedicate a website for it. With it, I hope to encourage others to exercise and progress with bodyweight training. However, I get bogged down with ideas that all I did was start writing different articles but never finish one.

The Solution

Minimize and go back to basics.

In calisthenics, it’s going back to the basic exercises: push ups, pull ups, and bodyweight squats. I am accepting that I need to start over and remind myself that the strength I had before did not arrive overnight. I had to progress a little each day.

I am also accepting that I am only frustrated. I am frustrated because I cannot do what I was able to do before. I am accepting that I lost my strength over time. I just need to go back to basics and only focus on a few exercises. In that way, tracking my progress will be easier and progress will come faster.

For the website, I already have the end result in my mind. I only need to work backwards and write what I need to get done. Then, it is just focusing on one step at a time.

By minimizing and going back to basics, I will have laser focus on each task and I know progress will be quicker.

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